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Civil War Battles- Chickamauga

2.99 usd

This is the third paid release in the touch Civil War Battles series. This release includes 17 scenarios from the important battles of the American Civil War in the west: Perryville,Stones River, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge. You should first install and play the free Civil War Battles app to test the game engine on your device and become familiar with the interface.Civil War Battles is a detailed turn-based simulation of combat from the American Civil War. Unit types include infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunboats, and supply wagons as well as leaders which can significantly determine the outcome of a battle just based on their own personal leadership and command abilities. Scenarios in each release generally cover a combination of both historical and “what-if” scenarios allowing you to make decisions as commander of the forces involved that could dramatically affect the outcome.
While this version of Civil War Battles will run on large-screen Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.